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P.O. Box 1888 Olive Branch, MS 38654


P.O. Box 1888 Olive Branch, MS 38654


The David Olds’ Political Platform

· Expansion of Medicaid – The infant mortality rate in Mississippi is comparable to the rates of Third World Countries. Stop and think about that for a minute. Don’t we as Mississippians deserve better than that? I think we do. MS ranks 6th in the nation of uninsured people. It is estimated that Medicaid Expansion would cover an additional 200,000 people. The expansion would bring over $1 billion in new revenue.

· Health Care Crisis – The dearth of hospitals in the Delta and other parts of Mississippi affects all Mississippians. There are 70 rural hospitals – 38 of those hospitals are at risk of closing. Of those 38 there, are 24 that could possibly close tomorrow. Although these closures are not in DeSoto County, we will feel the burden. We must invest in our healthcare system.

· Gun Ownership – I am a gun owner. No one is going to take my guns from me. I have a Concealed Gun Permit. I went through the training and shoot at the gun range occasionally. I own handguns and long guns. It is my belief that the notion that “Democrats are going to take away your guns” is a fear tactic pushed by the Republicans to generate fear – and for the bankrupt NRA to sell guns and increase membership.

· Infrastructure – I applaud the recent decision to widen I-55 from Goodman Road to Church Road. However, the road widening must be from Goodman Road to the Hernando exit. We must also address traffic in Olive Branch on Hwy 305 from Church Road to Byhalia Road.

· Support of Law Enforcement – We do not need to “defund the police”. We need to invest and redirect funds from military-like operations to more specific training. Other than Hawaii, which has no requirement for a basic police training course and Missouri, which allows officers to serve indefinitely before receiving basic training, Mississippi has the longest period that officers can work before they are required to take basic training—two years. Mississippi has the third highest rate in the nation of police officers killed in the line of duty. Mississippi is above the national average in citizens killed by police, per capita. Currently. Mississippi only requires 10 hours of Mental Health Training. There must be a mental health department within law enforcement.

· Education – Our education system, especially in low-income areas, should receive special attention. Better pay for teachers would help stop the exodus of teachers to other states. Our children are the foundation of Mississippi’s future, and it’s unconscionable how we treat our educators and students. The Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) is a formula to determine funding each public school should receive from the state to meet academic

standards established by the State Board of Education. This school year MAEP Funding is $279 million short of what state laws our students and teachers need to be successful. DeSoto County was shorted $21,238,956 for 2023. MS is ranked #43 in education.

· Early Voting / National Holiday for General Elections – Our voting rights are under attack. We need quick, easy, and accessible voting. We need and must have Early Voting. The first Tuesday of November needs to be a national holiday. I am not advocating for another national holiday. We simply eliminate Presidents’ Day.

· Open Communication and Discussion – As a member of the House of Representatives, I will represent the best interests of House 24 and all citizens of Mississippi. I am also committed to keeping you aware of all issues and asking for your input. I will keep my personal email address and cell number available for your convenience. I am also committed to a quarterly review of Legislative Action via email.

· Public Safety – We all deserve to be safe regardless of our address, color of our skin, age, sexual orientation, and sexual identification. Accountability and action are extremely important when it comes to preventing crime and providing for public safety. We must be proactive and not simply reactive regarding our safety. We must prevent crime before it happens. We must invest in our communities with funded schools, convenient access to health care, fair wages, and new businesses. I support law enforcement and reform that makes criminal justice fairer. Accountability and action are paramount when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for all our citizens.

· No Tax on Grocery Items – Mississippi has one of the highest taxes on groceries at 7%. Mississippi is also the poorest state in America. The elimination of the grocery tax, also known as the “tax on life” would bring much relief to all Mississippians.

· Abortion – I believe that women and their families should have the freedom to decide if and when to have children. Every person’s life has its own unique circumstances. Everyone should make their own decisions regarding their own body. Not politicians. I oppose the arrest of women, doctors, and nurses who receive or provide abortion care.

· Corruption – Under the TANF program – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families -benefits are provided for families with needy children under the age 18. It is a workforce development and training program which helps needy families achieve self-sufficiency through training and employment. It provides assistance with childcare and transportation expenses. Seventy-seven million dollars of TANF funds were stolen from the poor and given to the rich. Certain MS elected officials and administrators and others should be charged with criminal acts. Safeguards must be put into place and followed to ensure that funds are being distributed as allocated.