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P.O. Box 1888 Olive Branch, MS 38654



P.O. Box 1888 Olive Branch, MS 38654


Meet David!

To all, I am officially retired. I retired from the job market corporate world to focus on my passion. My sport has always been politics. I have always enjoyed thoughtful, respectful and open political discussions. Most of those discussions I've tried to focus on how our elected officials should listen to, learn from and act on the needs of the community. My passion has always been Service to my Family, my Church, my Community and my Customers / Clients. It is time for a new chapter of Community Service.

I am a Democratic Candidate for the Mississippi House Representatives District 24. This district includes Nesbit East, Bridgetown, and Lewisburg West. Its borders are Church Road, Airways and Hwy 305.

I am asking for your prayers, your comments, your suggestions, thoughts and your financial support.

To those in DeSoto County, and House District 24 everything that happens in Mississippi affects all of us here. The lack of healthcare providers and facilities in the Delta has an impact on all of us here. Along with your financial support, I am asking for an opportunity to meet you and your neighbors to discuss the wants and needs of our community. I will be asking for volunteers to make phone calls, to hold fundraising events, to place yard signs and other tasks as they come together.

The map of House District 24 is below for review. Please click the button to download for your resources.

Thank you for supporting David Olds!

"Expect the best!"